Our Vision

We envision a society that values artists of all backgrounds and empowers them to build and sustain meaningful, cohesive, communities.


Our Mission

The mission of Brain Arts Org is to realize creative independence in systematically undervalued communities, including BIPOC, ALAANA+, LGBTQIA+, emerging and experimental artists. Through adaptive methods and hyperlocal engagement, we foster a culture where individuals create their own power and opportunities.

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In January 2018, Brain Arts Org took over operations of the Dorchester Art Project, a community arts center in the Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester. The space houses 15 private artist studios, a gallery space, a photo and video studio, and a street level storefront and event space which hosts a Melanin Owned Business Vendors flea market every Saturday from 12-5pm. Since signing the lease in 2018, It has always been the goal of BAO to transition leadership and ownership of DAP to Dorchester community members. 

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The Boston Compass is an 8-page free newspaper distributed monthly to over 300 community spaces across the Greater Boston Area. With approximately 3-6k issues printed monthly, each issue serves primarily as a directory of curated music, art, and film events, as well as community resources and actions for advocacy. By focusing on non-commercial and under-represented artists and organizations in our community, it aims to uplift the voices of those often left behind by capitalist ideals and authority.


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Our top focus of 2021 is exploring and implementing a new board, advisory board and community feedback structure to improve our transparency and accountability in an equitable way.


We are focusing on making our downstairs space at 1490 Dorchester Ave sustainable and curating the space for community use in line with our mission. 



Realize creative independence in systematically undervalued communities by becoming a member of Brain Arts Organization Inc.